Nobody Knows The Center of the Plate Like Sysco IFG


The center of the plate demands the highest level of expertise, and Sysco IFG delivers by providing access to premier brands like Certified Angus Beef, Certified Hereford Beef, and more. We supply portion control and value added proteins from Buckhead Beef, cooked and custom portioned proteins from a variety of carefully identified and approved processors. Our boxed beef comes from many of the national packers including Greater Omaha Packing, National Beef, JBS and Creekstone.

Sysco IFG delivers much more than premier brands of protein and expert logistics. We provide world-class expertise in all proteins. We work with our customers by providing training, product and specification development. Our quality assurance program ensures that each order is supplied exactly as it was ordered with the same quality and specifications every time. Making Sysco IFG a reliable resource for proteins. An educated protein buyer is our best customer. Which is why we work with our global suppliers to ensure they have the latest market information, resources and education on trends in protein markets. When it comes to the center of the plate, no one else puts more power to choose into your hands.